Six Reason why Millennials are going to save the world

The millennials were born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. These digital natives come from different backgrounds and are armed with various skills and talents. A lot has been said about this generation they have been labeled lazy and inactive; some people say this lot has bizarre dreams and want instant success. Other people dislike the way Millennials sanctimoniously challenge the authorities because they consider themselves smart and all-knowing. For years, the older generation has been criticizing them, and doubts about them have been raised. Well, some of these nit-picks are true while some are baseless. Did you know that this generation could be what the world has been waiting for all along?
Let’s face it the Millennials are the most educated and are more exposed than the older generation. For millennials, each day is an adventure and an opportunity for them to grow. Since the world marked the entry of this generation, a lot has changed there has been rapid growth in all sectors. Unwavering commitment to what they believe, and being hands-on are some of the attributes of this revolutionary group. Saying these lot is not exceptional would be selling them short.

The world today is tenuous and needs to be saved. The older generation has tried, but less has been achieved. The previous generation’s culture, principles, and lifestyle have hindered progress. Uncouth beliefs and old-style ways of doing things have left the world is in shackles and Millennials could be the answer the world needs. Here are six reasons why Millennials are going to save the world.
Millennials are not conservative
It is a fact that the world today is jam-packed with judgmental and conservative people. These conformists still uphold uncivilized views. Regardless of how the world has changed, they will still raise their uncouth beliefs when making decisions. However, millennials are not conservative and are accommodating. A recent study shows that the majority of millennials support same-sex marriages. Generation Y has been at the forefront to ensure those in the LGBT community get equal treatment and be accepted in society. Of course, some countries are still against marriages, but we hope the millennials will change how the world views the gay community in the future.
They love the environment
People say that the millennials are detached from reality, while in the real sense they are aware of what is happening in the world. In fact, the millennials have brought significant attention to issues such as global warming through their social media profiles. For a long time, this generation has insisted that the world needs to find an alternative source of power, and also pushed for the establishment of environmentally friendly policies so that our environment could be saved.
They are more educated and informed
The millennials are more educated than the previous generation. For this reason, they have the chance to save us all by using their knowledge to come up with solutions that will end our challenges. Additionally, millennials grew with technology and are more exposed they understand the world more than the previous generations. Therefore, this lot can come up with relevant innovations and solutions that could improve our world.
Money is not a primary motivator for them
Older generations came up with solutions because they were money-oriented and focused on profitability. However, for millennials money is not the primary reason why they come up with solutions. Individuals in this group will come up with answers because they genuinely want to help or change the world. A lot of them will volunteer and donate their money for noble courses.
Adapt to change
Flexibility is one of their traits. This generation will fit in any environment and adapt to more changes than previous generations. The millennials have a calm way of dealing with challenges. Additionally, they believe there is a solution for everything. Therefore, they are our chance in this ever-changing world.
Stand their ground
The millennials will gladly challenge the authority if they think it’s unfair. Generation Y has brought down corrupt governments and discriminating institutions through Twitter hashtags, Facebook posts, and peaceful protests. Individuals in this group are bold and will expose evil without fear or favor.
There are a lot of other reasons that make this generation our ideal savior. They have unmatched creativity, and most of them are tech-savvy. Society especially the older generation should remove barriers that hinder the prosperity of Generation Y. We should not underestimate them, let’s all give them a chance to showcase what they got.